Progress of Maintenance Workshop & Print Room

Work continues apace on various aspects of the project at Saidi.

The Office (temporary apartment) & Print room has been roofed and first fix electrical and plumbing work done. The “scratch coat” will be plastered next week and should be ready for installation of windows and doors at the start of the following week (DV), with the plaster finish to follow thereafter. During the past week we placed an order for a 3KVA Solar PV system to provide the necessary power and are looking forward to it being installed as soon as possible.

Meanwhile the bricklayers continue the race against time to get the Maintenance Workshop, and more importantly, the toilets and shower room, finished prior to MGO. The thatcher is using excess grass to make three small umbrellas to provide shelter in the feeding area.

Major building work will pause once the current phase is complete to allow us to concentrate on MGO and prayerfully “take stock” as we anticipate the next phase(s) of the work.

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